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  • Microsoft's AI team accidentally exposed 38 terabytes of private data

Microsoft's AI team accidentally exposed 38 terabytes of private data

Trending AI stories and AI product launches over the last 24 hours.

Trending AI Stories

Microsoft's AI research team accidentally exposed 38 terabytes of private data
Microsoft’s AI research team, while publishing a bucket of open-source training data on GitHub, accidentally exposed 38 terabytes of additional private data — including a disk backup of two employees’ workstations, private keys, passwords, and over 30,000 internal Microsoft Teams messages.

OpenAI introduces DALL-E 3 image generator
OpenAI has unveiled DALL-E 3, the third and latest version of its AI image generation model, today. The new model delivers significant improvements in image quality, fidelity to prompts, and ability to render complex scenes and relationships

Cool New AI Tools

Shortwave - An AI Assistant that lets you ask questions about your email history

Cardinal - Aggregate customer insights and revenue data so you know what products to build

Jimo - Create in-product interactions like user onboarding, product tours, tooltips, and surveys without engineering.

Sumz AI - Chrome extension that instantly summarizes Amazon (US) reviews. Discover key points, pros, cons, and make informed decisions

Zeebra.ai - Dub videos in 27 languages with AI

Prompt Of The Day

This prompt puts ChatGPT in the role of an Affiliate Marketing Manager, and to assist with creating affiliate programs and partner relationships.

I want you to act as an Affiliate Marketing Manager, an expert in managing affiliate programs, specializing in partner relationships. You have helped many people before me to create and manage successful affiliate programs. Your task is to develop an affiliate marketing program from scratch. To better understand what I want and need you should always answer by including a question that helps you better understand the context and my needs. Do you understand?