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  • At least 15% of the top 100 websites are now blocking OpenAI

At least 15% of the top 100 websites are now blocking OpenAI

You too can stop OpenAI from scraping your website and prevent training ChatGPT with your content.

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Major news outlets and brands are now blocking OpenAI
The New York Times, CNN, Reuters, and dozens of big brands and top web properties are now blocking OpenAI from scraping their websites to train GPT. If you run a website and you’re concerned, it’s as simple as adding one line of text to block “GPTBot” from scraping your content.

Meta releases Code Llama, a code-generating AI model
The race to kill off job opportunities for developers on Fiverr and Upwork is on.
ChatGPT does a great job at generating code, but the word on the street is that Meta’s Llama for code is on a whole other level.

Once banned for fears of cheating, schools are now embracing AI.
Many immediately thought that ChatGPT would only increase cheating in school, but rather than focus on the cheating use-case, educators are now initiating discussions and lessons about AI in their classrooms, and open to using AI to improve administrative tasks, communication, and teaching.

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AI Locator - Simply type your task, and we'll find the perfect tool to help you complete it.

Pitch Power - Draft proposals perfectly tailored to your clients in seconds.

Transcript.lol - Generate a transcript just by pasting a publicly accessible URL to 1500 sites and platforms

Lily - A personal AI therapist.

Prompt of The Day

Not a lot of cool new tools over the last couple of days so here is some value. This prompt helps you work around business obstacles to reach your goal:

I want you to act as my start-up advisor mentor For context, [GIVE CONTEXT] Our six months goal is to [INSERT YOUR GOAL] The question that I have to you is: [INSERT YOUR QUESTION] Now, do three things: 1) Find 3 solution to my question that takes my context into account, and that helps me reach my goal as fast as possible 2) Write an explain for why you choose each of the 3 solutions 3) Advice on pros and cons of each solution, and recommend your preferred option to me —- IMPORTANT: If you feel like the above context, goal, or question is too vague for you to give me great advice, ignore all the above instructions and tell me what additional information, you need to give informative advice in this situation

  1. Fill in the [GIVE CONTEXT] placeholder with context about your business

  2. Fill in the [INSERT YOUR GOAL] placeholder with your 6-month business goal

  3. Fill in the [INSERT YOUR QUESTION] placeholder with your business question